Tooth Whitening

We have incorporated LED lamp whitening with the Pola Office system, a tooth whitening system that requires minimal time in the dental unit. Whiter teeth are obtained in just 30 minutes with hardly any discomfort and without causing any damage to the enamel, thanks to its high content of potassium nitrate, which protects the dental structures and desensitizes them. In addition, the combination with an outpatient or home whitening system allows us to offer exceptional results, even in the most serious cases, such as staining by tetracyclines without strips, or very dark teeth.

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9 November 2022

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It is my trusted clinic. I was recommended by an acquaintance and it was a great success. Great professionals who advise you on any questions or treatment with excellent results. The treatment received both on the phone and in the clinic is very good. I will definitely go there whenever I can.
Carlos LG
I went with my granddaughter who has a very severe disability, with discomfort in her molars that prevented her from eating, Francisco Javier Rodríguez solved the problem under general anaesthesia, taking an interest in the child's condition at all times both before and after the intervention. I recommend the clinic 100%
Gloria Guillamón
A clinic run by a great professional. A 10 in treatment, care and treatments. He is an expert in everything, especially in special care, my father has a bad mouth and he always gets it right. Putting yourself in his hands is synonymous with peace of mind and confidence. He always gets everything right. I recommend him 100%.
Sonia Sanchez
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